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"Lead by example and demand respect, that has always been my moto. Airborne!"    

1SG Jessie W. Sasser U.S. Army Ret.

Based on the book "The First Sergeant - Getting Started" this website is designed to be very practical. It will give you a brief overview and quick insight on some of the most critical topics First Sergeants and other senior leaders deal with on a daily bases, intended for new First Sergeants and Platoon Sergeants aspiring to take that next step. I have included flow charts to help provide additional guidance when faced with certain complex situations. Click the rank on the bottom left to get started.

OVERVIEW is designed to be mobile friendly while providing valuable insight.
This website is not intended to supplement doctrine. 
Web based for better accessibility

We have transcribed the book to this website in such a way that it will conform to the device you are using.
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Why reinvent the wheel?

We provide examples for several documents and forms such as counseling, awards and leaders books.

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Prepare yourself to deal with critical issues.

We have a living document that includes battle drills every senior leader should be familiar with.
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Have a better way of executing protocol?

The biggest difference between this site and my book is that we can implement changes on the fly based on your input.